Busy Busy Busy

Wow. its been 4 months since i started this blog, 4 months since its first and only post and 4 months since i had every intention of tending to this blog on a 'regular' occasion. Truth be told our feet haven't touched the ground at Premier Concrete Design Hq. We have been producing so much polished concrete for the people of Swansea that the blog hasn't had time to enter my thoughts.

During the last post i was excited about a project we were starting producing a stunning stone effect bar top for the Meatery & Martini & co on the Strand in Swansea. Having briefly read my previous post i had completely forgotten that the initial intention there was to cast the polished concrete bar top in situ. Due to the manic environment of a restaurant fit-out we decided it would be wiser to cast off site, and install just before opening. Planning and manufacture got underway, long days, late nights and weekends were spent pouring our attention into these bar tops. Was it all worth it....? I hope you agree with the owners in agreeing that it most certainly was.

We loved working on the project , relishing in the opportunity to bring the architects vision to reality. Be sure to link up with Andrew Shipley of ADI Design in Swansea. Andrew's vision and inspiration is clear to see all around this fine eatery addition to Swansea.


At the time of writing the last post we had been busy producing a beautiful Oak and concrete table for the Roots Foundation during their DIY SOS makeover. The whole experience was amazing. To see Swansea come together for the second time in as many years was heartwarming to say the least. Swansea always has and always will be a city with the a close sense of community spirit. Our table caught the eye of the very talented interior designer Sophie Robinson during filming of the show., and just yesterday she had some very kind words on her instagram.

Sophie is a self confessed colour loving pattern clasher. Her work is fabulous and if you haven't caught any of her beautiful work on Tv then i would urge you to seek her out and become inspired by colour. Sophie's passion for colour has inspired me to have some fun with colours and polished concrete. Watch this space to see what i'll be getting up to...


Now that we've had a little insight as to the exciting things we've been doing lately. I will be back again in a few short weeks to tell you what we'll be doing in the foreseeable future.

Thank you for reading. In a while. Craig

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