Is a polished concrete floor expensive?

In short we believe the answer to be NO. When you look at the definition of expensive: ‘involving a high cost’ then it is true that a polished concrete floor is one of the big ticket items for your new home or build plans. However, when the cost is compared against the COSTS of the alternative, then a polished concrete floor can offer good value.

Polished concrete floor

When customers visit us at our Swansea showroom, we typically advise a wet pour polished concrete floor when our customer is taking on new builds or customers who are adding an extension to the their existing homes. One of the reasons for this is that our floors are laid to a depth of 100mm so a new build allows the depth for our floor to be installed alongside the appropriate level of insulation and under floor heating. The other and perhaps most important reason for advising this product is that it can be a very cost effective option for our customers.

Below we will compare the cost of a polished concrete floor vs. raising a floor to finished height and finishing with concrete effect floor tile. For the purpose of this comparison the floors are 100mm below finished height and already have the required amount of insulation installed. Both jobs have underfloor heating arranged by a heating engineer. Prices are based on a job in the south Wales area.

Concrete tile finish. Extra 30mm of insulation to decrease the amount of liquid screed needed - £555

50mm of liquid screed - £1650

Tile adhesive - £500

Tiles @ £50m2 - £5000

Labour- £2500

Total cost = £10205

Polished Concrete Floor

£/m2 = £100

Total Cost = £10000

As you can see that on a floor of this size one of our polished concrete floors is cost effective when priced against a medium priced good quality tiles. Couple this with the fact that a polished concrete floor creates a stunning seamless centre piece for your home, as well as the excellent thermal qualities of concrete, with the added longevity of a concrete floor and we begin to see that a polished concrete floor makes complete sense for any home.

For customers who are already at or near finished height we recommend one of our concrete overlays such as Microtopping®. Which is a 3mm covering which provides a polished concrete floor finish.

I hope that I have demonstrated that a polished concrete floor isn’t ‘expensive’ and can be a cost effective option as a flooring option. If you would like any advice on any of our products or a quote for a polished concrete floor then please get in touch.

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