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Nuvolato Architop®

Nuvolato Architop® is an innovative cement based material that is applied to existing floors to a depth of 3-4mm.  Providing customers with the look of a traditional polished concrete floor without the need for a 100mm depth and the weight that goes with it but with same durable characteristics.

You can customise Nuvolato Architop® by choosing from a range of colours, adding acid stained effects and choosing a sealer to make it exactly the way you want it.

As Wales premier Nuvolato Architop®installer, Premier Concrete Design can take your project from start to finish offering a quick and efficient installation

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Colour Chart

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At just 3-4mm thick Nuvolato Architop® is the perfect material when you are close or at finished height.  Unlike traditional polished concrete floors there is no need for removal of the existing slab.  It is applied to any solid existing floor and is extremely efficient when matched with underfloor heating.  Couple this with the durable nature of a concrete product and you have a truly innovative material.

The Benefits
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Due to its high strength Nuvolato Architop® from Ideal Work® is extremely resistance to abrasion caused by high traffic.  For this reason it can be recommended for large commercial floors as well as residential settings.

Nuvolato Architop® can also be used outside as it has excellent resistance to acid rain and freeze thaw damage

Design Options

Nuvolato Architop® is a very versatile product. The 29 standard colour combinations ensure Nuvolato Architop® can be used in many environments.

Different finishing options, acid stains and sealers can be used to create a wide variety of personalised finishes with great aesthetic impact.


Finished with a power trowel like a traditional polished concrete floor will ensure your Nuvolato Architop® will possess the beautiful burnishing marks which are skilfully applied by one of our skilled installers

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The Process

We aim to make your purchase from us a simple process.

The Process


The design process can can follow various formats. Either here at our showroom or via email.  Our customers input during the design process alongside our creative expertise is what makes Nuvolato Architop® such a bespoke product, and ensures the customer receives a floor that perfectly suits their needs.

Surface Preparation

The surface is prepared to increase adhesion between the the existing solid substrate and Nuvolato Architop®

Sand & Seal

Finally a sealer is applied to protect and finish the project.  Different sealers can be used to create matte or gloss finishes


Two coats are applied by trowel before taking to the floor with a power trowel to create a that smooth burnished effect. 

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Nuvolato Architop® is a Registered IDEAL WORK trademark

Images Courtesy of Ideal Work srl

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