At Premier Concrete Design we are able to use our years of experience of dealing with polished concrete into producing beautiful hand crafted polished concrete floors.

We take pride in achieving a consistent finish across our floors that provide our customers with that natural appearance that they require.  Available in a variety of finishes including non-slip, our floors are just as suited to indoor use as they are to use outdoors. 



Cost effective

As our polished concrete floors are laid to a depth of 100mm it is a cost effective option when compared other flooring options.  Other flooring options require getting the sub base to finished height, purchasing  the tile/wood and paying for that to be laid.


Long lasting

Another key benefit of having a polished concrete floor installed is that it will last a lifetime.  Polished concrete floors are extremely durable and are very well suited to home life as well as commercial settings.


Concrete has been used to stunning effect for nearly 200 years.  Every floor we create is truly unique with beautiful natural markings that provide concrete with its beauty. With a soft touch polished concrete is a beautiful addition to any home.

We've been working on this little stunne


Our polished concrete floors are laid to achieve a seamless and minimise joint lines. Although expansion joints are required on larger floors they can be placed creatively and often hidden from view

Design Options

The possibilities with concrete are endless.  Available in an vast array of colours ensures our customers will always find the right colour.

Polished concrete floors are pair well with under floor heating systems, with good efficiency ratings to create a warm feel underfoot.

Easy to maintain

As our concrete worktops are sealed with the best sealers available they are extremely easy to clean using a mild commercial product or simply soap and water.  

The Process

We aim to make purchasing a worktop from us a simple process.



The design process can can follow various formats. Either here at our showroom or via email and will include a site visit.  Our customers input during the design process alongside our creative expertise is what makes a polished concrete such a bespoke product, and ensures the customer receives a floor that perfectly suits their needs.


Insulation and underfloor heating systems are prepared before we arrive on site. Leaving us 100mm to instal our floor.  We arrive prior to install to lay our membrane, steel reinforcement and to protect surfaces to ensure a clean and efficient concrete pour.


After a minimum duration of 28 days we return to finish your floor. A sand and clean is performed before a sealer of your choice is applied to finish you new floor


Our team arrives the following day to commence our install of your polished concrete floor. The size of the floor dictate how many days the job will last.  We will take the project to finished height with a power trowel finish


If needed we return to site the following day to cover and protect.  This ensures your floor will be protect during the drying phase