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Our beautiful hand crafted polished concrete worktops provide a stunning addition to any kitchen design.   Made completely bespoke to your requirements our worktops offer a unique alternative to traditional worktop materials.

Available in an array of colours, our worktops can be tailored to fit existing kitchens or to provide the wow factor to your dream kitchen.


Not just an eye catching material, concrete has extremely hard wearing properties that more than cope with kitchen life.  Couple these hard wearing attributes with the best sealers available in the world and our customers can be assured that they will own a worktop that meets their every need.

Polished Concrete Worktops
polished concrete worktop with seamless sink




Concrete on its own is durable and strong. As a hard surface, it naturally resists scratches and chipping. However, when a protective coating is added, both strength and durability are enhanced.

Easy to maintain

As our concrete worktops are sealed with the best sealers available they are extremely easy to clean using a mild commercial product or simply soap and water.  A re-seal every few years is all thats needed to keep you concrete worktop in beautiful condition.

Long lasting

Another key benefit of having a concrete countertop installed is that when properly maintained, it will last a lifetime. If maintained correctly a polished concrete worktop will never have to be replaced or rejuvenated.


Concrete has been used to stunning effect for nearly 200 years.  Every piece we create is truly unique with beautiful natural markings that provide concrete with its beauty. With a soft touch polished concrete is a beautiful addition to any home.

Ages Beautifully

One of the more unique characteristics of concrete is that this material is non-static. That means that it will evolve and adopt character over time. Ultimately, the appearance of your concrete countertop will improve with age.

Design Options

The possibilities with concrete are endless.  Available in an infinite number of colours ensures our customers will always find the right colour.  Customers can specify their desired thickness, edge radius and specify where their joint lines will lie on longer pieces. Details such as seamless incorporated sinks can be added to stunning effect.

The Process

We aim to make purchasing a worktop from us a simple process.

The Process


The design process can can follow various formats. Either here at our showroom or via email.  Our customers input during the design process alongside our creative expertise is what makes a polished concrete worktop such a bespoke product, and ensures the customer receives a worktop that perfectly suits their needs.


Once a design and a colour has been settled on we will come to you to template for your new worktop.  This ensure a perfect fit for your new worktop every time. 


Installation takes place on your chosen day.  Our team will travel to you to efficiently install your worktop ready for you to enjoy for years to come.


Once we have your templates we can start hand crafting your beautiful polished concrete worktop.  The manufactured worktops are then left to dry for a week before applying our dedicated concrete sealers.  Once applied the sealers are then left to cure for a further week before installing in your home.  This ensures the concrete and sealers are ready for kitchen life from the moment you receive them.

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