Successful day finishing this amazing cast in situ worktop.  Hand crafted in postition this worktop

Polished Concrete Worktops

Beautiful handcrafted worktops, made to your exacting requirements.  Suitable for both interior and exterior application, GFRC is the perfect long lasting material for 


For interiors and exteriors, no stopping your ideas.  Ideal for application on floors and walls.
An innovative material that renews every surface with just a thickness 3 millimetres


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From tables to sinks. See our ever growing range of furniture.

Polished Concrete Floors

Provides a seamless look to any setting.  A durable and cost effective solution to  your project.

Bespoke Polished Concrete

With over a decade of experience in producing beautiful polished concrete pieces you can be sure Premier Concrete Design's passion is making your vision a concrete reality. This passion for bespoke ideas, unique processes, and making extremely functional pieces, means you’re always in great hands with Premier Concrete Design.

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