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Acid Stain Floor

Applied to new or existing floors to provide a rich and natural beauty 

Acid stain is provides a truly unique look to a new or existing concrete floor.  An acid is applied to the concrete which reacts chemically with the lime within the concrete to produce a unique colour change.
Applied over new or existing sub base, Ideal Work® acid stains create variable, diverse or translucent effects that are very similar to the characteristics of natural stone.  
An acid stained floor is the way to go if a one of a kind floor is required.

Acidstain on microtopping
Acid Stain Floor


Unique Design

Every piece of concrete has a certain amount of free lime, this ensures that the chemical reaction between the acid and the concrete is truly unique.  As acid stain can be applied to new or existing concrete the range of finishes achievable are endless


acid stain floor


Due to the chemical reaction the acid stain and its colour change become part of the concrete surface  and therefore more durable than glazes and dyes.



Ideal work® acid stain is not only restricted to application on floors.  Acid stain can be applied to our other product such as our polished concrete worktops, sink, tables and GFRC wall panels. 


The Process

We aim to make your purchase from us a simple process.

The Process


The design process can can follow various formats. Either here at our showroom or via email.  Our customers input during the design process alongside our creative expertise is what makes acid stain such a bespoke option

Surface Preparation

New floors are installed or existing floors are prepared by polishing


Finally we seal the surface to protect your floor for years to come.


Acid stain is applied to the surface and is left for a specified amount of time for the chemical reaction to take place.  The floor is then washed to neutralise and stop any further chemical reaction

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Ideal Work® is a Registered IDEAL WORK trademark

Images Courtesy of Ideal Work srl

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