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Lixio® Plus

The beauty of Terrazzo with just a thickness just 5-7mm (Lixio®) or 20-40mm (Lixio® Plus )

Premier Concrete Design we are excited to bring you a taste of Italy.  Lixio® from Ideal Work® is an innovative decorative finish that is laid over existing floors.  It provides and elegant Italian look in the form of a micro terrazzo.  Lixio®Plus uses large aggregate to achieve a more traditional terrazzo

At Premier Concrete Design out installers are trained , approved and Authorised by Ideal Work® to Lixio® and in doing so reproduce the artisan skills of Venetian master craftsmen.

lixio terrazzo


lixio black terrazzo
The Benefits

Unique Design

Lixio® will not limit your imagination as it can be used to create stunning designs.  The large amount of aggregate available alongside the different colour options means you'll sure to get a unique design



Lixio® is an ideal material for those looking to renew their floor as it can be laid to a finished thickness of 5-7mm.  This is achieved by using small granite aggregate mixed with a cement based product.   This is then ground and polished to produce a the refined finish

white lixio


Lixio® is extremely resistant to abrasion caused from high traffic.  This makes this an ideal choice for both residential and commercial areas.
Due to the smooth finish Lixio® will be very easy to clean and maintain.

The Process

We aim to make your purchase from us a simple process.

The Process


The design process can can follow various formats. Either here at our showroom or via email.  Our customers input during the design process alongside our creative expertise is what makes Lixio® such a bespoke option

Surface Preparation

Lixio® can be installed over existing floors. The surface is prepared and an epoxy resin coat is appled

Grind, grout & polish

We return to grind the surface with our specialist equipment.  We then grout any imperfections and polish.


Lixio® is laid, smoothed and covered to cure for 28days. 


Finally we seal the surface to protect your floor for years to come.

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Lixio® is a Registered IDEAL WORK trademark

Images Courtesy of Ideal Work srl

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