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Ideal  for external applications.  Rasico® is a hard wearing, textured product which can stand up to high traffic and the UK weather. Suited for patio areas, pathways and drives.

At Premier concrete design we are excited to offer Rasico® as part of our product range.  Designed for external applications Rasico® is cement based decorative coating which has excellent wear resistance properties at just a thickness of 3-4mm.
Applied over new or existing sub base, Rasico® is a unique material which is applied with trowel.  A good choice of colours ensure the customer will find the perfect match for their property.  
As Wales premier Rasico® installer, Premier Concrete Design can take your project from start to finish offering a quick and efficient installation

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Unique Design

As Rasico® is applied using a trowel the skills of the applicator shines through in the final product, with every application differing from the last.

The texture of Rasico® ensure excellent slip resistance.  Couple this with the vast array of colours available and it is clear why it is such a versatile material.

The benefits
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Rasico® is perfect for areas that are partial to high traffic. It has excellent wear properties and is resistant to UV rays, acid rain, abrasion, water and oil spills.  For this reason Rasico® is very easy to clean and care for.

Fast Installation

With the right weather conditions Rasico® can be applied quickly.  As much as 150m2 in 2-3 days.
Couple this with the material being able to accept foot traffic just a few hours after the application is finished means you can start enjoying Rasico® as soon as we leave.

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The Process

We aim to make your purchase from us a simple process.

The Process


The design process can can follow various formats. Either here at our showroom or via email.  It is advised that a site visit is conducted to ensure the customer receives a product that perfectly suits their needs.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation can be carried out by us or the customer.  A flat surface with no high points is required before application

Sand and seal

Finally we sand the surface before applying a resin sealer to provide protection for years to come.


Rasico® is applied in thin layers over several days.  Primer coat is applied  followed by the desired amount of finish coats

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Rasico® is a Registered IDEAL WORK trademark

Images Courtesy of Ideal Work srl

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